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What is a Fonero, Linus, Alien / Sharing member?

posted this on May 09, 2011 17:49


Everyone who creates a Fon account and joins our Community is called a “Fonero”, regardless of whether or not they have a Fonera router and are sharing bandwidth.


We affectionately call the different types of Foneros -- depending on whether and how they share their WiFi – Linus or Alien. Remember that all Foneros can access a Fon Spot, but only those who share a portion of their broadband (Linuses) can access them free of charge.


* A Linus has a Fonera router (or a Fon enabled router from one of our partners), shares WiFi and gets free WiFi roaming at any Fon Spot.


* An Alien does not have a Fonera or Fon enabled router and is not sharing broadband. Aliens have an active account with Fon, receive community information and access Fon Spot by purchasing Fon WiFi passes. 


* Sharing Member: Linus and Partners customers (e.g. BT) that share their Wifi are considered Sharing Members.

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